Prinicipal School Block Grants

New to SFEEF in 2017 are Principal’s School Block Grants.  These grants, funded by SFEEF, are determined by each principal based on enrichment opportunities they identify at their school.

Spanish Fort Elementary Principal School Block Grant is awarded for Scholastic Short-Readsfor 1st and 3rd grades. They provide teachers with text and skill content based on student and reading and skill content.  Congrats to Ms. Guy and Chicchine!

Rockwell Principal School Block Grant is award to Mrs. Sullivan and the library.  With student population growing, more titles are needed at RES Library.

At Spanish Fort Middle School, Mr. Oliver encourages students to join academic team competitions. These teachers sponsor those teams and each received a portion of the Principal School Block Grant.

Spanish Fort High School is been ramping up their Engineering Program thanks to  Mr. Green’s enthusiasm! Mr. Williamson awarded the Principal School Block Grant to build capacity for program.