Teacher/Student Mini Grants 
SFEEF is pleased to announce Teacher/Student Grants! The purpose of the SFEEF Teacher/Student Mini Grant Program is to provide funding to teachers in the classrooms to enrich student learning experiences for Spanish Fort public school children.


SFMS  |  Flexible Seating  |  7th Grade Science  |  Paige Asbill &  Lexi Bauer

SFMS  |  Principal Block Grant for TSA Program  |  Ross Moore

SFHS  |  Flexible Seating in Classroom  |  10th/12th English  |

Angela Mason &  Brant Weindorf, Heli Parelkh

SFHS  |  Whiteboard Collaboration Tables  9th Algebra 1 and AP Calculus  |  Christina Lauer & Brannan Wilson, Reagan Brooks

SFHS  Principal Block Grant for Library Seating |  Melissa Murphy

Rockwell  |  Smart Little Robot will Make Smart Students  |  4th, 5th Gifted  |  Elizabeth Pierce & Elysa Nelson, Victoria Filio

SFMS  |  Reading with Scholastic Scope  |  6th grade Language Arts  |  Helen Huggins & Braylee Weindorf, Ellie Blackmon

Rockwell  |  Adding a 3rd Dimension to Education  |  3rd-5th Gifted  |  Julie Wolfe & Walker Gardner

Rockwell  |  Learning the ABC’s Through Touch |  K-2nd Reading Intervention |  Cindy Brown & Sklyar Smith

Rockwell  |  Read to Succeed  |  Kindergarten  |  Jenna Arndt, Jade Phillips & Reese Barr, Bennett  Howard

Rockwell  |  Focus on Fiction  |  Resource  |  Kelly Grant & Spencer Sinclair

Rockwell  |  Principal Block Grant for Library Books |  Patti Sullivan

SFES  |  Workin’ Out the Wiggles |  3rd Grade |  Amanda Canida & Harper Walters, Mason Edwards

SFES Preschoolers  |  Writing without Tears Preschool Special Ed Inclusion |  Amy Milar & Dayton Tant

SFES  |  Principal Block Grant for Guided Reading Assessment, Comprehension Curriculum,  and Broadcast Studio Computer  |  K-2, 3-6 4-5  |  Allison Guy, Chrystal Cicchine and Kelly Knapp