How SFEEF came to be:

SFEEF was incorporated as Spanish Fort High School Enrichment Foundation a 501(c)3 organization in October, 2002 to focus on the educational enrichment needs of the proposed new Spanish Fort High School.

Over $150,000.00 was raised to provide books for the library, start-up funds for office and administrative needs, athletic department, band instruments and music equipment, educational reading & assessment programs, teacher training & conferences, exterior lunch/break/bus area facilities, reception area, laptop computers/projectors/programs/carts for each of the 14 educational departments of the Spanish Fort High/Middle school, extra security cameras along with numerous other educational enrichment needs such as sponsoring a ACT Preparation Seminar twice each year to help students advance their test scores.

                                   “The direction in which education starts a man                                                                                  will determine his future life.” Plato

After the opening of the Spanish Fort High School, the Foundation’s focus and name were changed to SFEEF (Spanish Fort Education Enrichment Foundation) to address the enrichment needs for ALL Spanish Fort schools. Currently over $275,000.00 has been awarded to the Teacher/Student Grants started in 2005 to provide enrichment request from advanced elementary reading programs to foreign language teaching programs which will truly lead to the advancement of all our students. $12,000.00 was given to provide a Snoezelen Teaching Program for students with Autism and learning disabilities. Spanish Fort Middle School which opened in August, 2008 was given $10,000.00 for start-up administrative needs. In total over $500,000.00 has been provided to the schools for our students and teachers.

All of these funds have been provided by the dedication and participation of members, individuals and businesses of Spanish Fort and the Eastern Shore community through sponsorships from companies & individuals, donations, yearly membership drives, and annual fundraisers such as -”Community Concerts”, Personalized Brick Pavers. “SFEEF Fiestas” and “Haulin’ Hooves Bull Run.” and continuing with the “Gator Chase Race” & Family Fun Day on the Causeway and SFEEF Fiesta “Casino Night”.  New events are always in the works so get ready to get involved in supporting our schools.
One of our many goals is to have all Spanish Fort schools technology “savvy” with all schools having the most updated technical equipment along with being completely WIRELESS for the enhanced use of their technical equipment. SFEEF is working closely with the BCBE to provide the best for all Spanish Fort schools.

“The main hope of a nation                                                                                  lies in the proper education of its youth.” Eramus