Learn more about how SFEEF gives back to our students and schools!

Teacher/Student Mini Grants 
SFEEF is pleased to announce Teacher/Student Grants! The purpose of the SFEEF Teacher/Student Mini Grant Program is to provide funding to teachers in the classrooms to enrich student learning experiences for Spanish Fort public school children.

Special Funding Grants
SFEEF was proud to support our Technology Student Association (TSA) team as they competed at the National Conference  in Nashville, TN. More than 6,000 students competed in over 65 STEM competitions such as Technology Problem Solving, Debating Technological Issues, Geospatial Technology, and Structural Engineering. The national winners of the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, administered by TSA, presented their winning mobile apps to conference attendees. Additionally, middle school teams competed in the Junior Solar Sprint competition, funded by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), where teams design, build, and race solar-powered vehicles. Middle and high school students also participated in leadership training. Congratulations SFMS TSA!!

The Clemons-Imle Scholarship awards two $1000 higher or further education academic scholarships for seniors graduating from Spanish Fort High School. Honoring the memories of Mr. Art Clemons and Mr. Bill Imle, the scholarships are awarded based primarily on the student’s community service and leadership character traits demonstrated throughout their high school years.

Scholar’s Bowl
SFEEF is proud to sponsor Scholars Bowl! Dedicated teacher sponsors have built a great tradition of winning with the finest mental athletes competing for Spanish Fort Schools each year.