RISE – Recognizing Inspiration and Success in Education

SFEEF Past President, Jenni Dismukes, wanted to tell the good stories that happen each day, all year long at our schools and with that, RISE was born!

A favorite evening for parents, teachers, principals, donors and community leaders, RISE celebrates the good (great!) in Spanish Fort Schools.

In 2021 RISE featured news from all levels of education advocates. State Senator Chris Elliot, BCBE and President of the State Schools Board Shannon Cauley, Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan, Spanish Fort Public School Commission, Kristi Bush, and SFEEF President April Bradley all spoke of the current state of education and how more funding is making a difference in our feeder pattern.  The highlight of the evening is having our principals introduce their school’s Teacher of the Year, the SFEEF Teacher Student Grant Recipients and commemorating the achievements during the last school year.  We were thrilled to see and hear from everyone, but the biggest and brightest guest stars were some of the 5 NATIONAL MERIT WINNERS who graduated from SFHS!  Congratulations to everyone and you know…..it’s great to be a Toro!!

Rockwell’s Kristen Holder and student Eleanor Sherman explaining their Teacher/Student Grant to Mr. Owens and the crowd                                                                       


Spanish Fort Elementary Teacher/ Student Grant Winners:  Jessica Franklin & Nell Timoney,  Amy Milar, Shannon Jackson, Stacey Sheils, Jennifer Kendrick & Amelia James Smith

Teachers of the Year: Rena Fancher-SFMS, Mary Claire Sikes-Rockwell, Jennifer Kendrick-SFES, April Bradley-SFEEF President, Brian Graveman-SFHS


SFHS National Merit Finalist & Merit Winner: Carolina Triboni, Bennet Booth

SFMS Teacher Student Grant Winners Eric Fonscea & Darolyn Faust with Monica Shaner, Wyatt Darley, Brett Walley & Grethchyn Sheffield