Our Mission

Our Mission: To inspire the power of community to enrich and support education for all Spanish Fort public school children.

Our Goals

  • Increase and promote awareness for a high-quality education so that our students may compete in an international job market.
  • Involve community, parents, and business members to commit and participate in the educational enrichment of all Spanish Fort school children.
  • Secure funding for educational enrichment experiences in all disciplines for Spanish Fort school children.
  • Manage and allocate resources in partnership with donors, our school district, parents, students and local community.
  • Sponsor teacher-student mini-grants to encourage creativity and excellence in the classroom.
  • Promote and expand technology in our schools to provide Spanish Fort children with a world class education.

SFEEF (Spanish Fort Education Enrichment Foundation) is a 501(c)3 organization focusing on the educational enrichment needs for ALL Spanish Fort schools.


The SFEEF Board is dedicated to providing education enrichment through

  • annual Teacher/Student Grants that provide technical equipment, educational opportunities and educational  programs
  • reading materials and programs that not only help student with learning needs but also programs, books and materials that will help advanced readers attain a higher level of reading;
  • math programs of all levels to help promote and advance students in their math skills
  • science and language programs to provide the teachers with a higher level of teaching materials and assist students to attain a higher degree of accomplishment in these areas of study.
  • Continual Focus on “Technical Advancement.”

The SFEEF Board works diligently with all four Spanish Fort school principals to provide each of the Spanish Fort schools with educational needs, assist with obtaining funding for projects and general assistance  needed for our schools and students pertaining to education.

SFEEF joins the other six (6) Educational Foundations as a Coalition of Educational Foundations to work together to make EDUCATION the main focus for all Baldwin County’s seven (7) feeder pattern school areas.

SFEEF promotes parental involvement through Membership and Sponsorship.  SFEEF also serves in an informational capacity by sharing updates on the meetings and decisions of BCBE (Baldwin County Board of Education).